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‘Never Too Late’: 3 Magic Words For You…

The first example that comes to mind… It is never too late to post this October 2023 update!

I could have given up and told myself, “Monthly updates should be done during the first days of the month, not closer to the middle or end.” But I didn’t. I accepted the fact that this month would be different, but great nonetheless.

Rooted Writers Membership

Last month, I started the Rooted Writers Membership with Dani Abernathy. It’s a wonderful community of writers. Last week, at the beginning of a coaching call, Dani asked us how we felt that day. When I started talking, I focused on my WIP and writing routine. She patiently waited for me to finish, then asked me, “Yes. And how are you?”

It took me by surprise. “Me?”

“Yes, you. How are you doing? How was your week? Any wins?”

I said the first thing that came to my mind (lately, I let my stream of consciousness take the lead), “Oh now, every day is a win. I wake up, I am still breathing, and I get something done. I call it a win.”

Then, in the chat, a classmate wrote, “Everyday is a win. I love that.”

His comment made me so happy. I didn’t expect anyone to actually listen to my rambling and comment on it. We never know when our words or our smiles will make a difference in the world. He could have kept his feelings to himself; it wouldn’t have changed anything for him. But his speaking up changed so much for me. It made me feel heard, understood, and special. All of this in three simple words (not the magical ones from this post’s title, ‘never too late’), ‘I love that.’ Thank you, B! You made my day a super win.

Never Too Late

I believe we could all have a winning day if we knew what to focus on. My personal life has known better days, but despite the hardships, tears, and sadness, I made sure I found something to be happy and grateful for every day. Of course, it stopped me from working on projects or enjoying my time, but it’s all right.

I am back now. It’s never too late to finish.

Never too late to write a novel.

Never too late to write an award-winning short story.

Never too late to publish.

Never too late to write a post.

Never too late to fall in love with reading again (like I did this month).

Never too late to show your appreciation to someone.

Never too late to tell a person ‘I love that.’

What about you?

I’d love to know what follows you ‘never too late to…’ So, let me know!

Until next time, read and succeed,

Soleah K. Sadge

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