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Trip to Asturias, Spain

North of Spain. Mountains, caves, and history. One word to describe my trip to Asturias, Spain: revelation.

Revelation - The end of the tunnel

The first part of Spellbound Heiress (Woken Soul #1) is based my trip to Asturias, Spain (and the one to the Sahara Desert). Like many countries in the Old World, each corner revealed a history and hidden legends. For thousands of years, people had walked those same roads, sat on those same rocks, seen those same breathtaking views. I was just one among many, and yet I felt it had kept all those secrets for me to uncover. 

I hiked in the northern Spanish mountains, entered thousands-year-old caves and caverns, and twisted down circular roads in old cities. A magical experience! Exactly what I needed in my life at that moment. I left the States and my home for a month to be a study abroad Coordinator in Oviedo, Asturias, Spain. That trip came as an answer to my prayers. I wanted to get away from bitter memories still too fresh to dismiss and forget. Coming back home was the ultimate plan, since I couldn’t just give up all my life achievements because of one dreadful person. However, the break was welcome and inspiring in so many ways.

Photo by Quick PS on Unsplash
Covadonga, Asturias, Spain

To my hurt, nature was the cure. I know now where to go to recharge my energy if I ever feel the need to overcome stress and depression. From nature. It is free and belongs to all of us, not to someone with a hidden agenda. It doesn’t mean everybody has one—or a one to get you. Our realm is a patchwork of all shades of colors. However, in my case, and at that specific moment of my life, I went by a Moroccan saying, 

The one bitten by a snake fears ropes

That describes me in the north of Spain. I tried to keep my distance as much as possible from people and focused on connecting to nature. Especially in the black caves. All senses stopped as soon as the guide turned off his torch in the belly of the mountains. Darkness and silence were not synonyms of dread and hopelessness anymore, but to tranquility and rejuvenation. It was so empowering, and I am so thankful for my trip. I needed to heal, and Oviedo delivered.  

I enjoyed a delicious trip in the Spanish Mountains quite different from my previous experiences in the South of Spain. When I visited Andalucia, I was younger and carefree, so I had spent my time between the beach and historical monuments. Each trip was exceptional because it agreed with my mood and my needs.

What about you? Let me know in the comments, or send me an email. I’m always happy to learn more about empowering experiences. 

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