Published Works

Drabble & Flash Fiction

HEARTS AND STITCHES, Grand Prize Winner of Short Fiction Break‘s 2022 Spring Writing Contest.

UNTIMELY, in The Birdseed Magazine

A BELATED WISH, in Short Fiction Break

ETERNAL BEAUTY, in Friday Flash Fiction

DECISION, in A Story in 100 Words

Stories in Anthologies/Collections of Short Stories

LISTEN, in Autumn: An Anthology (2021)

A WORD, in Autumn: An Anthology (2021)

HEAD IN THE SAND, in Tolerance: A Collection of Short Stories (2020)

SHELVED, in Tolerance: A Collection of Short Stories (2020)


The Gathering: Our Origin Story. First Article in our A Discovery of Writer‘s Column on the DIY MFA website (2023).

Educating and Guiding Women to Deal With Their Traumas, Heal Their Voices, and Tell Their Truths. Interview by Srishti Srivastava for Humans of Fuzia (2023)

#5onFri: Five Ways a Five Pillar Foundation Can Help Build Your Author Brand. Article on the DIY MFA website (2022).

THE NEXT MINDSET. Book chapter in The Happiness Code: How Small Habits Will Change Your Life Starting Today (2020).