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Trip to the Sahara Desert

Miles of dunes, land of sand, brisk air, and cool breeze. One word to describe my Sahara trip: Peace.

The desert taught me a lot. I never thought I could survive without running water, Internet, television, and so many other means that makes time fly and life easier. The desert taught me humans are resilient, and can survive with the most basic elements, i.e. food, water, air, and fire.

I headed to the desert expecting to last exactly twenty-three minutes, most of them standing by the car, with the engine still running. After snapping a few pictures, I would call it a “desert trip” and head back to civilization. I didn’t. I expected to be hot and sweaty. It wasn’t.

In December, the climate was mild. Warm under the sun, but the opposite under the moon. At times, rocks burst in the dark because of the drastic change in temperature at dusk, adding to the enchantment of that place.

Sahara Desert

Not only the magical sight was bewitching, the cool air was cleansing, and the dry smells calming. I came back from that trip rejuvenated inside out. The new energy that flew through me helped me open new eyes on my surroundings. What or whom was I neglecting because I took them for granted? How could I enjoy them more? What should I get rid of, that only brought me misery and sadness?

Nature at its rawest had cleared my mind and forced me to take decisions that had improved my life. I often remember this trip and the few others I took back to the desert. They bring me peace.

And you? What makes you feel peace?

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