The Executioner

The Sensers Secret Society, Short #2

[Set in the world of my light fantasy novel, SPELLBOUND HEIRESSediting stage]

The Executioner - A Supernatural Short Story by Soleah Kenna Sadge

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In two days, she’s already killed once, almost died, and narrowly escaped jail. What’s next?

Lily Shine is an Executioner. Her urge to kill the guilty is uncontrollable and once it wakes, it’s like having the Angel of Death as her alter ego.

Her only hope now is the Judge-Senser Xavi who forms part of the Radnor Sensers Secret Society, part of a mystical world she never knew existed. He will oversee her formation and accompany her until she can control herself.

But just where does this power come from? Can she keep her instinct quiet? Is it really possible to stay away from criminals who might arouse vengeance in her? And what happens if Xavi leaves her before she can control her alter justice ego?

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