The Fear Senser (The Sensers Secret Society, Short #3)

The Fear Senser, A supernatural short story by Soleah Kenna Sadge

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Deep in the suburbs, mystics walk among us, careful to hide their unique psychic powers. They call themselves Sensers, and this is Kareem’s story…

Kareem Toja can smell and taste other people’s fears. This comes in all flavors, but the more afraid the person, the sourer the taste and the stingier the perfume.

As part of the Radnor Sensers Secret Society, Kareem has learned to call on this psychic power when needed, instead of it controlling him. But when he Senses a cursed statue in the park, sinking in dread, he just can’t let it go.

Determined to help it, and now in a race against time, Kareem locates an ancient manuscript that has spells to break the curse. As Kareem hurries to help the statue, questions race through his mind. Will he get there in time to help? Can he manage without his Radnor friends? And will the outcome be what he imagines?

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