The Sand Senser (The Sensers Secret Society, Short #4)

The Sand Senser, A supernatural short story by Soleah Kenna Sadge

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Lily Shine and Judge Xavi are back. The Executioner and the Judge Senser left their Pennsylvanian suburbs and settled in a tent in the desert to meet yet another Senser…

Lily Shine has already killed twice, but she wants to stop. Her alter ego, the Executioner, has the power to locate criminals and destroy them. The only problem is, she has absolutely no control over it. And it’s time to do so, before it destroys her life completely.

Lucky to have escaped prison for the death of two criminals already, Lily is now in exile in a tent in the Moroccan desert where she can hurt no one. But it’s hardly a life, even with the company and protection of the Judge Senser, Xavi.

Seeking guidance, they follow the instructions in her father’s inheritance and find a Sand Senser who presents her with a choice—to learn to trick her vigilante alter ego or pass a test to become the Executioner. The ultimate conundrum.

As Lily faces her decision, questions race through her mind. Will she succeed in becoming the Executioner? Or should she leave not-so-bad enough alone?

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