• knitting and storytelling

    My Origin Story

    Knitting & Storytelling In my ear, knitting has always rhymed with storytelling. One scarf, one story. This is a recounting of how yarn became my muse many, many years ago. “Nanna, tell me a story.”“Sure, bniyti [little daughter], but aren’t…

  • Read, Discuss, & Open New Eyes
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    Read, Discuss, & Open New Eyes

    “L’ain sheggetha wehda, ghir shouftha mahi” (“All eyes have similar pupils, but their visions differ”) is a beautiful poetical saying from Southern Morocco, referring to the famous quote “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Challenges as an Introvert…

  • Trip to Oviedo Asturias Spain
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    Trip to Asturias, Spain

    North of Spain. Mountains, caves, and history. One word to describe my trip to Asturias, Spain: revelation. The first part of Spellbound Heiress (Woken Soul #1) is based my trip to Asturias, Spain (and the one to the Sahara Desert).…

  • Sahara Desert
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    Trip to the Sahara Desert

    Miles of dunes, land of sand, brisk air, and cool breeze. One word to describe my Sahara trip: Peace. The desert taught me a lot. I never thought I could survive without running water, Internet, television, and so many other…