Spellbound Heiress

Ticia is unaware she is destined to magical greatness. Unfortunately, the day she realizes it might be a day too late…


Spellbound Heiress could be read as a standalone, but is also a Duology (Woken Soul) starter.

The day the Wind contacts her, Ticia Mensalli can’t determine if she is destined to greatness or slowly losing her mind. As she starts exploiting magical powers she’s been forbidden to use, she must hurry to discover her hidden legacy and reach happiness before her Moroccan family and mainstream society impose their ways on her.

Meet Ticia Mensalli

Forbidden to use her tribe’s magic, twenty-seven-year-old Ticia Mensalli focuses on her academic work and finding the forever-elusive perfect husband. 

A tall Moroccan brunette, she wears her hair either long or very long. She lives with her sister Nibelle in Narberth, PA, where she is finishing her doctorate in Spanish literature. No stranger, friend, or acquaintance will ever see her wearing her glasses, not even dead. She likes to dress in darker outfits that slim her down, but she never fails to add her signature colorful scarves. What she enjoys more than books is food, although she can’t cook. She’s lucky her sister is a chef and master-baker. 

Ticia is a sweet young woman whose patience is running thin. She’s almost a spinster, a fact her mother never fails to remind her of. Also, while her entire family can enjoy the use of their magic, she has to numb her powers because they induced a nervous breakdown when she was seven years old. Since then, her cousins have either pitied her or made fun of her weak mind. To prove them wrong, Ticia has a plan. She will become a college professor, able to teach different languages in different countries. But her coup de grâce will be to find her soulmate and therefore master the best magic of all, love.