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Announcing ‘The Judge Senser’ (A Supernatural Short Story)

Check out my latest supernatural short! Do you love stories? For me, choosing a book is a commitment. I like to have enough time to devour it in a few hours if I can. Especially if it is a page turner, I hate to set it aside. Worse: I make it a point and don’t stop reading until my alarm clock goes off and tell me to “start” a new day. Either way, we could feel bad, so sometimes there isn’t enough time for a novel.

If so, why not a short story?

ABOUT ‘The Judge Senser’

The Judge Senser, a short supernatural story by Soleah Kenna Sadge

My newest story, “The Judge Senser,” is an intriguing supernatural short story set in my duology Woken Soul world.

Judge Xavi has never acted against his powerful Sense –or psychic power– before until it brands Lily guilty of a brutal murder in his courtroom in Radnor, PA, and he can’t or won’t convict her.

Is he losing his way? Should he follow the law or the truth? Do all guilty people belong in prison? Is it just the shock of seeing Lily in court that set his Sense off?

Convinced he should conduct his own investigation into what really happened, he soon discovers the truth may be far more elaborate than he had imagined and it may also have set his human and magical duties on a collision course.

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Happy reading!

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